Poole Rocks Marine Conservation Zone

A new website to showcase the incredible
underwater wildlife of Poole Bay, Dorset

A collaboration with Dorset Wildlife Trust,
the Marine Conservation Society, Seasearch and
the Southern IFCA to engage people with the underwater
world on our doorsteps
Award Winning Photography
BWPA 2012
UPY 2015

Life beneath the waves with Britain's high-diving gannets
In 2012 Matt Doggett and Richard Shucksmith
plunged beneath the waves in search of dramatic
images to showcase the grace and power of
the northern gannet
Black Bream

Revealing amazing nesting behaviour around
our shores for the first time

Each spring a spawning migration of black bream
arrives in the UK. The fish build huge nests covering vast
areas of seabed. We reveal for the first time the drama
and challenges faced during this critical life stage
Wildlife Talks
Multimedia talks tailored to your needs
  • Wildlife
  • Photography
  • Conservation
  • Adventure
  • UK and overseas
  • "easily the best speaker we have ever had"
    "what a wonderful evening...absolutely fascinating...
    your narratives linked everything together beautifully"
    Britain's Seas

    Discover the hidden secrets around the UK's coast
    Britain's seas host a multitude of
    different habitats, each supporting a
    vast diversity of life. Dive in and discover
    amazing animals, plants and places
    seldom seen.
    Discover Tasmania

    In search of the Tasmanian devil
    We went in search of the the Tasmanian
    devil, now threatened by a debilitating
    facial tumour disease. Restricted to a
    few remaining disease-free zones
    conservationists are working to save the species.
    Discover Tasmania

    Climate change challenges for marine ecosystems
    We joined the scientific divers from
    the University of Tasmania's Institute of Marine
    and Antarctic Studies as they set up experiments
    to understand the effects of climate change and
    invasive species on their local marine habitats.

    Nature, Photography, Stories

    A single image can capture the imagination, incite questions and arouse emotions.
    Put several images together and a story unfolds, drawing the viewer into another place, another time, another mindset.

    Featured Videos

    Diving with Gannets

    Undulate Rays


    • “One of our members said you were the best speaker he had ever heard at a camera club… “
      Maidenhead Camera Club - Evening Talk
    • “Thanks for the photography day. I picked up a lot of good tips”
      David Little - New Forest Workshop
    • “What a wonderful evening… absolutely fascinating… your narratives linked everything together beautifully”
      Ringwood Camera Club - Star Night Talk
    • “You took on our brief and executed it wonderfully. Your images look great adorning the walls of the guest house, showcasing the beauty of our local landscapes. “
      Dan Lamerton - Llanlliana House
    • “Matt worked tirelessly on this shoot, up at the crack of dawn and pushing through until sundown, resulting in images that show the mighty Alpe d’Huez in her full glory… “
      Nick Bond - Huez

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